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Draw Something reaches 50 million downloads; over 3 billion sketches made

Sometimes, the simplest of games with good game-play win over the ones with flashy graphics
April 5, 2012


The advent of the smartphone brought along a huge surge in mobile gaming. No longer were we limited by the lack of processing power. Mobile games have gone from simple, though very popular in “their time”, versions of Tetris and Snake, to HD graphics versions of Grand Theft Auto and Duke Nukem.

But, sometimes, it is the simplest of games, which rely on good gameplay over flashy graphics, that become the most popular. Think Angry Birds and Words with Friends. We now have a new champion in this category, which is the hugely popular “Draw Something”.

The Pictionary-like game, created by OMGPOP, lets you to draw images with references to modern popular culture, and challenge a friend to guess the subject of your doodling. The game, available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, became wildly popular since its release just over 7 weeks ago. According to InsideMobileApps, Draw Something now boasts over 50 million downloads and over 3 billion sketches made.

With a skyrocketing growth rate of over 300%, “Draw Something” has overtaken “Angry Birds: Space” as the top free and paid app across major app stores.  This isn’t a download-and-forget kind of deal either, with over 14 million Daily Active Users, 30 million Monthly Active Users, and an estimated 3,000 sketches created per second.

New York-based OMGPOP, which was, for a long time, a struggling start-up, has certainly been put on the map with “Draw Something”. They claim that the revenue generated by their latest creation has already overshadowed the revenue from all their previous games combined. The burgeoning success of the app also caught the attention of social gaming giant Zynga, who has reportedly paid a whopping $180 million to acquire OMGPOP. With the current evolution and the expected growth rate, this acquisition will be a huge plus for Zynga, which also brought us the highly addictive Zynga Poker, Farmville, and Cityille.

There are two versions of Draw Something that are currently available on the Google Play Store, the free version and the paid version, costing $0.99. But in a step up from most other free apps, the paid version of Draw Something is not only ad-free, but it gives you access to over 2000 new words.

If you are one of the few that haven’t got your hands on this game already, you can download the paid version here, or, if you’re not ready to pay just yet, the free version here.

You can watch an introductory video of “Draw Something” here, courtesy of OMGPOP

Also, check out some truly amazing sketches created on this app, courtesy of Mashable