As a game developer, you know you hit it big when your app has been downloaded 20 million times! You know that hit it “OMG! big” when your game reaches 20 million downloads in just five weeks. We’re talking about Draw Something, the game that induced owners of Android and iOS devices into a frenzied doodling state. Given that it only took five weeks for Draw Something to accumulate that huge number of downloads, it’s fair to say that OMGPOP (the maker of the app) is off to a good start this year, with the game ruling both the Google Play and the AppStore top charts.

Draw Something borrows elements from Pictionary, but adds enough twists to make it stand on its own. The game’s rulebook is simple –doodle something on your smartphone’s screen, based on a word that the game has assigned to you, and your opponent will have to guess the word. Simple, right? But that’s where the fun lies. There’s something refreshing about drawing on the touchscreen with your fingers, a simple act that somehow manages to bring back memories of childhood games.

If you consider yourself the creative type, you should definitely give Draw Something a try. Winning games will get you gold coins, which you can then exchange for a new set of colors. As for those who haven’t been able to get in touch with their Picasso side, the game lets you buy the coins using real money. Ka-ching indeed!

If you love playing multiplayer games with your non-Android friends, there are actually many cross-platform games worthy of your attention, aside from Draw Something. Stay tuned for a special feature on cross-platform games – coming soon. In the meantime, check out other addictive Android games right here.

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