Zynga’s Draw Something 2 is not just a sequel of the original OMGPOP game, as the new owner has included a variety of photo-centric social networking-like features.

The application, available either as a free ad-based download or as a premium app (22 Swedish Krona or $3.38) in the Swedish Apple App Store, will also be available to Android device users in the future, but meanwhile the Wall Street Journal was able to take the iOS version for a hands-on spin.

The original Draw Something was a very popular game at the time of its launch, getting 35 million downloads six weeks after it hit the store, and attracting Zynga’s attention to OMGPOP, whom it eventually acquired in an $183 million deal.

With the second part of the game, Zynga is taking things to a new level, by letting users save their images (a feature not available in the first episode of the game), store them in their own galleries and share them with friends. The interface is “much like photo-sharing app Instagram,” and encourages “sharing, following and liking.”


Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

While Draw Something 2 retains some of the game features of the first episode, some people may end up using it as a way to express their creative personality in the Free Draw mode. Even though the ad-based version is available free of charge, Zynga apparently packed the game with a variety of drawing tools, meant to help users improve their creations, which cost in-game currency and will obviously lead to in-app purchases.

Among the Draw Something 2 novelties, the publication mentions pattern pencils, symbols support via Stamps, a pixel pencil for drawing pixelated things, and “thousands of new words, […] in categories spanning everything from Hip Hop to Horror.”

Will Draw Something 2 become as popular as its predecessor? We’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s worth noting that the app is not the most downloaded app in the Swedish App Store right now – it currently sits at number 5.

The game will be available in the Google Play Store in the foreseeable future, although we don’t have official release dates for you at this time.