While trading card games aren’t for everyone, there are mobile gamers out there that enjoy the genre. With that in mind, Gameloft recently released Dragon Summoner, a trading card game with animated battle scenes and over 200 cards to collect.

Dragon Summoner is in many ways your typical trading card video game, though its battle scenes are designed to make the game feel more dynamic than a plain static card game. Outside of the existing cards, Gameloft also plans to introduce more down the road.

Gameloft’s new trading card game features three different factions for you to choose from: warriors, mages or hunters. After picking your faction you will then fight magic dragons and even other heroes all in the effort of protecting your kingdom. Other game features include the ability to play online against other players, as well as being able to level up and grow your team of heroes along the way.

Dragon Summoner is packed full of just about every feature you’d expect in a good card combat game, but unfortunately it has received quite a few negative to mixed reviews. Many of the complaints have to do with the UI being a mess, and the fact that the game is really just a link to the browser, not a native Android experience.

Still, if you like trading card combat games, this one is free to try so the it might at least be worth checking out. What do you think, is this one worth playing or not?

Andrew Grush
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