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Dragon Quest 2 arrives to Google Play

Square-Enix's port of Dragon Quest 2 has now arrived to Google Play, priced at $4.99.
October 10, 2014

Fans of the Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior) series will be happy to know that Dragon Quest II has now arrived to Google Play joining Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest IV and the original Dragon Quest.

For those that have never played the game before, it takes place a 100 years after the original game’s story, in three new lands that were built by the descendants of the Alefgard hero. Everything is peaceful enough and so, as games go, that means a corrupt badguy shows up to rain down terror — in this case a High Priest who has summoned a bunch of demons. And so the young prince of Midenhall has been sent out to search for the other two heirs of the three kingdoms so they can kick some High Priest butt and restore peace.

If you’re a Square-Enix fan, or an RPG fan in general, I highly recommend giving this a try. Of course that’s based on my playtime of the NES classic from 1987. So what’s different in this version? For one thing, it’s now touch-optimized. For another, the graphics have been touched up a TINY bit and the gameplay has been changed up to allow you to control individual part members and not just the main hero.

As is often the case of Square-Enix Android ports the game isn’t exactly cheap at $4.99, but could be worth it if you’re looking for a fun RPG to play on the go.