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Download Android 4.4 KitKat [KRT16O] for your Nexus 10 now!

Here's our full installation guide.
November 13, 2013
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Folks, the time is upon us. Android 4.4 KitKat has just arrived for the Nexus 10!

Creeping XDA often yields good things, and it comes to us in a form of Android 4.4 KitKat for the beautiful Nexus 10 tablet.

Here’s the download link:

Getting started

  • You’ll need to have the Android SDK installed.
  • You’ll obviously need a microUSB cable
  • Your Nexus 10 must have Android 4.3 JWR66Y for this to properly work
  • Make sure you have a stock factory image handy just in case anything goes wrong so you can flash back to stock without too much downtime.


How to install it

There are a couple of ways to install the update. One way is to use the adb sideload command which does require that you have the Android SDK installed and your Nexus 10 connected to your computer. There is an easier way which is done on the Nexus 10 itself.

  • Download the OTA zip file using the link below.
  • Put it on the root of your internal SD card (that means just put it on the SD card but not in any of the folders, for those who don’t know).
  • Reboot into the recovery by turning the device off, then holding the volume up and down buttons while pressing the power button.
  • In the recovery, use the option to apply update from external storage.
  • Wait for the update to flash and you’re done!
  • Check the notes below for additional details.


If you download the OTA zip directly onto your Nexus 10 and flash it from recovery, you won’t need the microUSB cable, obviously.

  • This is an official OTA and should not wipe your data. Try this at your own risk – Android Authority is not responsible for what you do to your device.
  • If you get boot loops, you may need to boot back into recovery and wipe your cache. If that doesn’t work, you may need to factory reset.
  • If you’re already rooted and don’t mind waiting a day or so, there will almost certainly be a custom ROM released that you can flash over ClockworkMod or TWRP that will be pre-rooted for your convenience.

Let us know how it goes guys, we’ll be updating the article with screenshots as soon as we can!