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Double Gun - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Double Gun. In this shooter, you mow down zombies while dual wielding various guns. It's free to play so check it out!
September 6, 2014

What is Double Gun?

Double Gun is a first person shooter where you pick up a couple of guns and mow down some monsters. It’s a slightly played out premise to be sure but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any fun. You play level to level and try to mow down all the zombies without dying.

The game play is a little slow but it still manages to be difficult. You wield two weapons that you can change independently and your control each arm that fires. You can unlock pistols, machine guns, or sniper rifles as you play so you can have all sorts of combinations. The enemies consist of zombies, aliens, and other assorted monsters to keep things interesting.

There are in app purchases that let you buy in-game currency that is used unlock things and levels. The developer states that IAPs aren’t needed to enjoy the whole game but a few gamers have complained about it. If you have a very low tolerance for IAPs, you should probably avoid this one. If you can handle it, then it’s worth a try.

Double Gun review
Overall, it’s a time waster that’s pretty fun. It’s not amazing like Dead Trigger 2 but for some people it’ll be better than many of the games that have been out recently that are “too simple.” It’s free to play with in app purchases, so why not check it out?