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Doodle Jump gets optimized for newer Android devices, now available for free

Doodle Jump isn't exactly a spring chicken, but it is still a highly-addictive game worth playing. Now the developers behind the game have optimized the game for newer Android hardware. Even better, it is free to play.
March 18, 2013
Doodle Jump

Android has sure come a long way in just a few short years, especially when it comes to graphics and gaming. While Doodle Jump might not have the impressive visuals you expect from newer games like Modern Combat 4, it is still an enjoyable classic. Now it is getting even better thanks to a new update that reworks the game for newer Android hardware.

Besides getting optimization for modern Android devices, Doodle Jump is also now offered through the Play Store for free. Of course there are still in-app purchases that allow you to buy new outfits and abilities.If you already purchased the older version of Doodle Jump, updating to the new version will give you a few added bonus maps and doesn’t include ads like the free version does.

For those of you that have never managed to buy the game, you probably still already know what it is all about. For the one or two of you that don’t, it is an endless jumping game where you need to guide Doodle upwards, jumping from platform to platform along the way. It is also a pretty ‘old’ game as far as Android goes, released to the platform on March 2nd of 2010.

While Doodle Jump isn’t necessarily a ultra-hard game, it is way more challenging than it might first appear to be. There is a reason that Doodle Jump has sold over 100 million copies between the AppStore and Google Play, it is a very addicting game that is worth checking out, even more so now that it is free.