dolphin zero

Dolphin Zero is a new privacy-focused browser that wants to make web surfing as private as possible.

Maybe you are worried about your personal data being packed and sold to the highest bidder. Or maybe you don’t want other people to find out about your private activities. If, for any reason, privacy is a big deal to you, you might want to check out Dolphin Zero. Launched today in the Play Store by the team behind the popular Dolphin Browser, the new browser delivers a minimalist, focused interface and one big feature – all traces of your personal information are deleted when you exit the browser.

Every time you close the app, the following information is deleted:

  • Form Data
  • Browser History
  • Passwords
  • Cached Data and Files
  • Favicons
  • Input Data
  • User Address Book
  • Cookies
  • Location Information

There’s even a neat paper shredder animation to reassure you that all the potentially embarrassing, incriminating, or plain private elements have been destroyed for good.

In effect, Dolphin Zero is a browser permanently set on Incognito Mode. To protect you from snooping ad networks, the browser also enables Do Not Track mode to its full extent. The default search engine is DuckGoGo, which supposedly “complies with Dolphin’s mission of offering an ephemeral experience”.

This isn’t a fully featured browser by any mean – there are no tabs, so you can only browse one page at the time, and you only get a barebones set of controls. If you like your bells and whistles, there’s always the full-fledged Dolphin Browser to try out.

Dolphin Zero (like most browsers for the matter) doesn’t protect you from government surveillance or hacker attacks. But, if you only want some carefree private browsing without having to switch between modes, you can download it freely from the Play Store.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.