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Dolphin Browser HD reaches version 8.7, changes name to "Dolphin Browser"

August 4, 2012

The Dolphin Browser has been one of Android’s users favorite third-party browsers. Formerly known as Dolphin Browser HD, it’s now changing its name to Dolphin Browser in an effort to simplify things. The change starts with version 8.7 and it brings a series of improvements as well.

The new version includes a cleaner address bar that gives more search suggestions, a better interface for tablets, and “larger space for big thumbs and small keypads.” The new update also allows for easier bookmark management and deletion of unwanted bookmarks, a shortcut directly to the Sonar, as well as “stability and performance improvements.”

The launch of Chrome for Android must be seen as a threat for the Dolphin Browser team, especially now that Chrome will be the default browser on Android starting with the Jelly Bean version. Over 300 million users use Chrome on the desktop, and Chrome for Android is the only Android browser that can sync with your desktop Chrome tabs, and that’s a big plus for many users.

Things might get harder from here for the Dolphin Browser team, but that’s why they need to keep up with the innovations, and create compelling features for users to chose the Dolphin Browser over Chrome, Firefox or other Android browsers.