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Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers out there, a fact proven by the 80 million downloads it’s celebrating (it has celebrated 50 million a few months ago).

Well, if the 50 million downloads have been celebrated with the release of Jetpack, making Dolphin Browser much faster, the 80 million wouldn’t have gone uncelebrated, either. The makers of the browser are doing so with the release of version 10, one that’s filled with important improvements.

The first thing you'll definitely notice is the new design, a cleaner, more elegant one.

The first thing you’ll definitely notice is a cleaner, more elegant design. You now can swipe to get to menus or history, for example and you can populate your Dolphin Browser home screen with the web apps you need closer to you, for easy access. The even nicer part is that apps can be grouped into folders, by just dragging them one on top of the other, so you can keep things better organized. There are tons of them, so you’ll certainly find something of interest to you.

Also, you have a button which allows to swipe in one of three directions to get to the Sonar feature (Dolphin Browser’s voice search feature), browser menu or the list of currently open tabs, which can be quite handy.

Dolphin Browser

Another nice idea is that you can use the search bar to look for things on multiple websites, not only the default search engine. You just click the bar and then Google (or whatever search engine is the default one), and you’ll get icons of the available search engines.

Flash support is disabled by default in the new version, but you can easily re-enable it from the Settings menu (you’ll find it under Web Content).

As you can see, lots of improvements to Dolphin Browser in the new version, made without altering the browser’s user experience. If you were a Dolphin Browser user until now, you’ll certainly enjoy the new version, and if not, now is as good a time as ever to give it a shot.

Do you use Dolphin Browser? What do you think of the new update?

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