Image credit: 9to5mac

In the midst of all the depressing topics this week in the tech world, there is a bit of lighthearted comedy to shine a beacon on. Enter Kate Upton, tech acolyte and her equally shiny…wait, what’s that? An Apple product at a Samsung product launch?

You read correctly: Fashion model Kate Upton was at the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 unveiling and made a tech faux pas. She brought her beloved iPhone with her and was not keeping it under wraps, as the header image for this story clearly shows. You would think a high-end celebrity would have tech-savvy advisers, but we can all see that’s not the case here. Sure, plenty of well-known stars have iPhones, as they are considered fashion accessories. But someone still needs to tell Kate to leave her mobile in a purse or something next time.

Chuckles aside, we’ve covered the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 since we first learned about it months ago. You can find all the news stashed here.

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