Need to sign an important document through your smartphone or tablet? DocuSign Ink for Android is now available for Android users. This is the very first personal electronic signature tool in the world and is extremely helpful to those who need to affix their signature on an important document. Without the unnecessary costs and hassles of finding a printer, fax machine, and even a scanner, users can safely and securely drag and drop their signature and initials onto documents. Moreover, they can place check boxes and text so they can complete certain forms and re-send them through email.

“Millions of people count on their Android devices to accomplish daily tasks and keep their lives and businesses on track,” said DocuSign’s chairman and CEO, Keith Krach. “We’re excited to have our award-wining app now available within the Android Market. The customer feedback has been very positive with more and more people DocuSigning every day.”

As of this writing, DocuSign Ink is available on most Android devices and document types such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF (with form field recognition), text and image files, scanned and faxed documents.

The good thing about using DocuSign Ink is that it is safe and secure. Through the DocuSign ID Card, the identity and signature of a user gets protected with a clickable audit trail. This lets the user see the previous documents he signed as well as the date and location the signature was affixed.

In addition to being safe, DocuSign Ink does not have a limit on where users can affix their digital signatures. Moreover, they do not have to keep signing a new form as their signature is stored in the cloud of DocuSigned documents for free.

“DocuSign Ink is one of the coolest productivity apps we’ve seen take advantage of HTC’s innovative digital pen technology,” said HTC’s developer program manager, Jad Boniface. “Customers will love signing all types of documents from their HTC tablets. DocuSign has brought the future of electronic signature here now.”


DocuSign Ink is available for free through the Android Market. Download the tool by clicking here.

Christine Torralba

Christine Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past couple of years. While most of her work has been ghostwritten, she has also contributed articles to magazines such as SPARK, Monday, Vault and Epic. In her spare time, she cooks, takes photos of food, and manages to write about it on her food blog.