The iPhone set the standard for what a touchscreen smartphone should be, back when it first launched, many moons ago. To this day, iOS devices still have a considerable advantage in the area of peripherals, and namely speaker docks at that. Ever been to an electronics store like Best Buy or Circuit City, and seen the large number of beautifully designed peripherals with iOS support only?

Well, dockBoss+ has risen to the challenge, and has just released a marvelous peripheral that supports Android devices, and will function with every iOS supported peripheral.

CableJive, a novel company that produces peripherals among other things, aims to help you do more with Android. The dockBoss+ adapter features micro-USB and a 3.5mm audio plugs opposite a 30-pin connector. With this support in mind, it will work with the many thousands of iOS-compatible sound systems currently on the market.

More importantly, it will also charge your Android device too. Additionally, the accessory itself also features a built-in charge converter for FireWire-enabled cables and docking stations, if needed. To further sweeten the deal, dockBoss+ will also work function beautifully with existing in car iOS supported car stereos, be they aftermarket like from Clarion, Panasonic, and the rest,  or from the newer solutions from Ford, BMW, and GM.

The only caveat that we see so far is that dockBoss+ doesn’t provide integration features like device control or playlists. It simply works to provides power to your Android device, and an audio signals to the device you are thinking of dating it with.

For those interested – and you can count us on the list – you’ll be able to pick one up starting on September 28th for $30, which is a mighty reasonable sum.

Via: CableJive (Product Page)

Darcy LaCouvee
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