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Do Some Spying With Android's Hidden Camera App

July 10, 2011

Camera phones aren’t exactly known for stealth. Anyone can easily pick out the fact that you are using your phone’s camera to do a stealth shot. It takes a quite a bit of skill to manipulate a mobile phone camera to take photos without being noticed but here’s an app that can change that. Mobile Hidden Camera for Android can make sure that you can take all the candid shots that you want – without your subject being able to notice it.

Here’s the low down on this spiffy new app. It installs itself looking like a Notepad app – but the when accessed it gives you access to your front camera to shoot and record images. One layer of its stealth attributes is that it has no preview, no flash, and no shutter sound. It can also continuous take photos and can do high-resolution video recording – without worrying about file sizes.

Additional features ensure that you won’t get noticed while takings shot. First, it blocks all call and message alerts automatically. This ensures that no errant message gives you away. It also lets you turn off sound and light on your phone for added stealth. It also pretends to be in standby mode while you are shooting an image – no passerby will know that you’re taking that shot

That’s not all. The app can also assure your privacy outside taking stealth photos. It is hidden from anyone accessing your phone while the associated files can be modified so no one suspects what you actually have on it. If it does somehow seem that your phone is about to nabbed for evidence, a single push of a button ensures that everything gets deleted.

Finally, no need to worry about compatibility – it works with all Android versions, from Android 1.1 to 3.0 and has been rigorously tested on all of them.

So what better addition to your covert arsenal than a hidden camera? Just drop by the Android Market and give it a spin.

Source: Talk Android