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DK2, the second wave of Oculus Rift developer kits, to ship in October

Oculus has opened their pre-order page for the DK2, their second generation Oculus Rift developer kit. DK2 is expected to start shipping in October. Pre-order now for just $350.
August 16, 2014
Oculus Rift DK2 preorder

It was been a bit of a wait for expectant Oculus Rift developers to get their hands on their dev kits, and it appears there’s another couple month wait available. Oculus has made available for per-order the DK2, short for Developer Kit 2, which is expected to ship in October.

The release comes pretty close to one year after shipping the original dev kit. DK2 promises many of the same core pieces as the consumer rift with features like precise, low latency positional head tracking, low persistence and an HD display.

Oculus DK2 packs a bit of a new form factor over the retail unit and the original dev kit, with seeming reduced dimensions overall. The new built-in latency tester sounds like it will dramatically improve your virtual reality experience with microsecond precision measurements.

Gamers, you’ll be happy to know that the Oculus SDK has full Unity 4 and Unreal Engine 4 integration. This level of support leaves us with full expectation of developers putting some cool stuff out for the Rift, we shouldn’t be stuck with Farmville or the like.

dk2 Oculus Rift product shot

Head on over to the Oculus website to get all the details on the DK2, including specifications and instructions on dropping your own $350.00 to see your new DK2 in October.

I think Oculus is proving that they’ve not lost any steam from their recent acquisition. Do you think the Rift will find a home in your home, or has VR made about as much of a splash as it’s ever going to?