There’s nothing better that running in the streets with intense music in the background to fire up your adrenaline. Pumping up energy with music during a miles run is a great way to boost your stamina and makes exercising more fun. Yet, though technology has made almost all our daily activities more entertaining, it isn’t perfect. In fact, one of the most common problems runners and sprinters face is having to manually switch music tracks. Can you imagine jogging up a hill while listening to soothing jazz? It isn’t quite the same level of epic you can get from other tracks.

If you’re one of the many users who use their smartphones to listen to music whenever you head out for your sprints or long-mile runs, then why don’t you try DjRun? This app is a holo-themed Android music player that manages all of your music and sound selections with ease.

DjRun is not your ordinary music player because the app is smart enough to analyze your current body movement and automatically plays an appropriate sound to match your body’s rhythm.

The app can analyze the songs found on your phone and will automatically choose which songs to play, letting you enjoy the bliss of an uninterrupted session of walking, running, jogging, or sprinting every time you leave the house.

Apart from its innovative concept, one thing that makes DjRun stand out is found in its user-interface. The sleek holo-themed interface can entice anyone to use the application. The interface is not just sleek; you can also find various tools and options to experiment with.

What makes it even better is that you don’t need to do any configurations to the application. You just need to run the app once, and it will automatically scan and analyze all of the music tracks found on your phone. It is smart enough to sort your music tracks according to their respective tempo (beats per minute). Once the sorting is taken care of, just hit the play button and let DjRun play all of your upbeat tunes whenever you go out for a stroll or a run.

The secret behind DjRun’s ability of determining your current body movement lies in your phone’s accelerometer. Every time you make a movement, your phone tilts and wobbles, and the faster you are running, the more it shakes and moves.

DjRun is not just limited to runners; the application is also designed to work with other activities that involve body movements. These include hiking, cycling, rowing, and boxing, to name a few. If you’re one serious sports buff then DjRun is one of the best application to help you get into the groove.

If you want take a break from all the automation, then you can still control the app manually from the Run tab. Switching to another music track can still be done using the Songs tab, through which you can sort tracks according to artist, tempo, or title. Long-pressing a specific track reveals a menu with options that you can manage.

DjRun is available for free at the Google Play Store. There is a pro version that lets you enjoy extended features such as Dynamic Playback Tempo, access to online DjRun servers, add-free interface, pin mode customization and an efficient management list. You can enjoy these features by activating the pro version from within the app.