Google Glass is on its way to change your world, whether you like it or not. For all those who are actually looking forward to its arrival instead of trying to wish it away somehow, we have some very interesting news. A guy in China named Sunny Gao has managed to design his very own version of the highly-awaited wearable gadget from Google, and the best part is that he’s giving away the design for the glasses for free.

Gao attended a recent hackathon out in Shanghai and cooked up a complete DIY design of Google Glass, then went ahead and made an actual print in order to wear it in real life. From what we’ve seen, it does look very similar to the real thing. So it’s safe to say that at least for right now, it’s the closest thing to Glass that you’ll ever get (if you aren’t among those who have been given the chance to get Google Glass early, that is..

There is one major catch, though. It contains none of the real thing’s high-tech technological wizardry. In other words, it’s pretty much just another pair of glasses. Of course, the design alone makes it more than just an ordinary pair, however there’s no denying the fact that, well, it does not compute at all.

If you wish to start your very own 3D-printed Google Glass project, you’ll need the design blueprints. Fortunately those are conveniently located on the Internet, where they’ve been made available free of charge as a SketchUp file. To get started, simply download the following file and proceed from there: Google Glass.skp

To learn more about DIY Google Glass and the man behind it, go ahead and check out the source link below.

David Gonzales
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