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Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 display battle: S4 now on par with the iPhone in many areas

Well known display configuration company, Displaymate have conducted tests on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, comparing it with its predecessor the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 in a high res screen battle royal.
April 26, 2013
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Here’s a quick description of the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen for you: it’s a big, vibrant, Full HD 5-inch Super AMOLED display. Which means it has vivid colours that you either love or absolutely hate (kind of like that plastic body). Another detail worth noting, is that the Galaxy S4 has a PenTile display, but that should not make a difference due to the very high 441 PPI.

DisplayMate, the well known display configuration company, conducted tests on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, comparing it with its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, and the iPhone 5, in a high-res screen battle royale.

After a lengthy stay under the microscope, DisplayMate concluded that the Galaxy S4 is a major improvement over the Galaxy S3 and is neck and neck with the iPhone 5. The S4 has a higher maximum brightness than the S3 and color reproduction in “Movie” mode is excellent. Light reflection was also improved and is as good or better than the iPhone 5.

The Galaxy S4 also managed to reduce the color gamut, coming in at 132% in standard mode and 122% in movie mode. The iPhone 5 has the best accurate gamut at 104%, but the Galaxy S4’s improvement over the S3 continues here as well.

Screen purist should also be happy to know that the annoying white-blue tint on the Galaxy S3 is almost non apparent on the Galaxy S4.

Source: Displaymate Technologies

The final, but still very noteworthy improvement of the Galaxy S4’s screen is the improved power efficiency of the screen (compared at the same screen size). The Galaxy S4’s average power efficiency is 0.70W, an improvement over the Galaxy S3 and very close to the iPhone 5’s 0.66W power efficiency.

The overall conclusion is that the Galaxy S4 is the best OLED screen in the world, worthy of being put alongside the iPhone 5’s excellent screen.

Screen purists should note that the S4 consistently performs better in these tests in “Movie”, so if you are looking for the most accurate colors possible, you should use this setting.

For the record, DisplayMate compared the Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 5 last year and found the Apple device superior in most areas.

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