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The Disney Plus gift subscription is a great holiday present

This online Disney Plus gift subscription is good for one year of streaming for $69.99.
December 9, 2019
disney plus gift subscription

Disney Plus became one of the biggest video streaming services on the first day of its launch, less than a month ago. However, until just a few days ago, there was no simple way to give someone a subscription to the service. That has now changed with the Disney Plus gift subscription option that recently went online. It lets you pay for one year of the service for someone else for $69.99.

How to gift a Disney Plus subscription

There are two major caveats with the Disney Plus online gift subscription. The first is that it is just for US residents. If you live in the other few countries where Disney Plus is currently available, you cannot pay for this present. Also, the person that receives it cannot currently have a Disney Plus subscription; this is just for new users.

With that out of the way, the first thing you need to do is go to the Disney Plus online gift subscription page at the link below.

Once there, click on the “Buy now” link and fill in your name and email. You will be asked to fill in the name and email of the person that’s receiving the subscription. It’ll also ask for your payment info. Finally, you will see a summary of your purchase before you make the final decision to pay for it.

For the person that actually receives the 12-month Disney Plus gift subscription, they will get a code at their email address. They will then need to go to the Disney Plus redemption site, type in the code, and create their new Disney Plus account. Presto! They can now stream and download thousands of Disney movies and TV shows.

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Disney Plus main screen 1

If you happen to live near one of the Disney parks in the US, or if you live near one of the Disney retail stores, there’s a second Disney Plus subscription option. You can go to one of these locations and buy a physical one-year card. Hopefully these cards will start to pop up at other locations as well.

Disney Plus splash screen
Disney Plus One Year Gift Subscription
Give the gift of Disney Plus
You can send over a one-year gift subscription to the Disney Plus online streaming service to someone else for $69.99. This gift is for new Disney Plus subscribers only and it is just for US residents.