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Disney to focus on Star Wars mobile and social games, not console games

Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm was ginormous. The Star Wars franchise has been passed on to a new owner and thus, Disney has some decisions to make. They've already decided to make a new Star Wars movie. They have also decided that they won't be making any Star Wars console games.
November 1, 2012
Star Wars
Disney acquiring the rights to Star Wars by buying Lucasfilm was a huge deal. It sparked debates all over the world about whether or not Disney could produce a good Star Wars movie. Luckily, we won’t have to wait very long, as the next Star Wars movie is slated for 2015. Of course, there are other facets to the Star Wars franchise. These include books, TV shows, and of course, video games.

Disney has announced that they probably won’t be making any Star Wars console games in the near future. Instead, they plan to focus on social and mobile platforms. This is great news for fans of social and mobile games. After all, Angry Birds and Farmville 2 are only entertaining for so long. However, for console fans, this means that they may never see an official Star Wars game.

Given that mobile and social games are more popular than ever, this should be a profitable move for Disney. If you don’t believe me, just ask Zynga or Rovio, who’s entire fortune and fame was made by social and mobile games. The inclusion of Star Wars in such markets would be a welcome reprise from flinging birds and running your own virtual cafe.

So no more Star Wars console games ever?

Probably not from Disney anytime soon. However, their statement did include the possibility of licensing deals so other game developers could. This sounds bad, but it is actually fantastic. Some of the best Star Wars games ever made were done by independent game developers.

Just look at BioWare’s offerings. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic paved the way for ambiguous RPG titles that let users choose their sides and their endings. Their follow up, entitled Star Wars: The Old Republic was also a commercial success.

Disney has outsourced their property to superior game developers before and it’s actually been good for Disney. Look no further than Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts, which featured the best of Final Fantasy and Disney combined.

So Disney sticking to the social and mobile gaming while allowing other developers to focus on consoles may be in everyone’s best interest. Is this a good move by Disney? Let us know your thoughts.