Disney Mobile has officially launched its pair of Android-powered smartphones that would surely bring Disney favorites come alive, ready to fascinate Disney lovers.

Both running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the DM011SH and DM010SH are slated for release in Japan. The DM011SH is scheduled for release next month, while the other is scheduled for December.

The DM010SH is the latest premium of all Android smartphones that Disney Mobile has released. Pink and white models will be available, and seem targeted at the younger crowd. A black model will also be available for those who prefer a less-flashy look.

The Home button on the DM010SH is fashioned after the Disney’s distinctive Mickey Mouse logo, rather than the rather standard square, rectangular, or roundish buttons on most other Android devices.

The DM0010SH has a high definition 4-inch LCD screen that makes 3D experience really splendid. It also has a 1.0-GHz processor and an 8-MP rear camera with playful camera features.

On the other hand, the DM011SH features not just a water-proof design but also a slide-out numeric keypad. The handset will reportedly come in three Disney-inspired colors: Mickey black, Minnie pink, and Donald white. Disney Mobile is positioning the handset for the female market.

The DM011SH packs a 3.4-inch screen (854×480 resolution), a 1.0-GHz processor, and an 8-megapixel camera.

No final word on pricing for these two cute Android handsets yet. We also have yet to hear of plans to release these gadgets to other areas of the world where there surely are a lot of Disney lovers–both young and old alike.

How well do you think will the U.S. market respond to these Disney phones if ever they reach the U.S.?

Image credit: Disney Mobile

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