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Dish Network asks FCC to freeze Softbank and Sprint deal

The Dish Network and Sprint rivalry has been going on quietly behind larger events like CES 2013. However, the two companies continue to battle as Dish asks the FCC to freeze the Sprint and Softbank deal.
January 18, 2013
dish network
The Dish Network has been creating some buzz recently. It pretty much started with Google and Dish coming to terms with creating their own wireless service. However, a lot goes into a wireless service. To solve this problem Dish has been trying to buy out Clearwire. They have to go through Sprint first.

Up until now, the dispute hasn’t gone too far. Essentially, Dish Network wants to buy Clearwire while Sprint wants to buy the shares of Clearwire they don’t already own. This has put Clearwire in a pickle because Sprint already owns half of them, but Dish is offering more money per share. To date, Sprint was offering $2.97 a share, totaling $2.2 billion USD. The deal was set in stone except Dish Network offered $3.30 per share, outbidding Sprint.

Now things have begun to get ugly. Since Clearwire hasn’t decided who they’re going to sell to yet, Dish Network has decided to give Sprint a bad time while they wait. According to Engadget’s Jon Fingas, Dish Network has asked the FCC to freeze the Softbank buyout of Sprint.

Why is Dish Network doing this and what does it mean exactly?

Well, Dish Network is doing it under the pretense that it would be unfair otherwise. To preserve the competition in the wireless market and whatnot. What Dish is really after is Clearwire and this move will simply make it harder for Sprint to follow through without the help of Softbank.

So essentially, it’s a bully move since Sprint needs Softbank’s large wallet to help things along. This is just a filed request, though. The FCC hasn’t responded yet so none of this is officially happening yet. Also, you can bet Sprint will try to block or otherwise prevent this from happening if they can.

The question lies in who’s more wrong. Dish is being greedy by coming between a deal that’s already been all but set in stone. However, Sprint is conducting deals with cash they won’t have until after the Softbank deal. Who deserves Clearwire? Tell us what you think.