discover google wallet

From the time of its launch until now, Google Wallet has been through a lot of problems. They range from its security issues on rooted devices to its compatibility problems on the Sprint HTC EVO LTE. But despite all these setbacks, it is still very obvious that the search engine giant plans to keep heavily pushing its NFC payment solution in an attempt to draw in more and more users. And judging from the fact that some analysts expect mobile payments to completely replace cash and credit cards in a decade or so, who is to blame them?

Mobile payments are the very definition of a “cash cow”! If you were the developer of the most broadly used mobile operating system in the world, wouldn’t you want to milk that large golden cow?

To wit, this is not another story about yet another issue with Google Wallet, but to talk about its recently announced partnership with Discover. The latter takes advantage of the “Save to Wallet” API (that Google announced at the Google I/O in the end of June and has since been made available to all major credit card companies). It makes it easy for its customers to add their card to Google Wallet and start spending all that hard earned money of theirs! All you have to do is go to the Discover website, sign into your account, then sign into your Google Account and your Discover card gets added to Google Wallet, along with a nice image of the card so you know at all times which card you are actually using.

Since we can’t really escape Google Wallet, we can at least be happy that the “Save to Wallet” API makes it convenient to add credit cards. Feel free to disagree (gloves off people) in the comment section below!