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Disconnect VPN: A lifetime of online protection for $49

Disconnect VPN makes your web browsing virtually anonymous and untraceable, as well as blocking ads and malware. Right now it's on offer.
March 9, 2018

Sorry to say it, but hackers don’t care about you. They won’t feel sorry for you if they steal your bank details, or shed a tear if your entire hard-drive gets wiped by malware. For them you’re fair game, and it’s time to ensure that you’re protected.

The solution is to join the millions of people using a VPN. If you’ve still not heard of a VPN, check out our handy guide here.

We want to make sure you’re surfing safely, so we’re always on the lookout for good VPN deals. Today we’re spotlighting a very tempting promotion by Disconnect VPN.

Disconnect offers an award-winning service. Like all good VPNs, your connection is encrypted and your location is masked. You’re virtually anonymous and untraceable. Whether you want it for your own peace of mind or more nefarious reasons, nothing short of an NSA raid can reveal your activity.

The predators can’t get you in their cross-hairs

Unlike many VPN services, Disconnect goes one step further. Its sophisticated software blocks trackers and malware. Whether they’re trying to harvest your data or just target with you with ads, the predators can’t get you in their cross-hairs.

Some love for Disconnect:

  • “The app Disconnect became our anti-tracking tool of choice” – New York Times
  • Innovation Award Winner, Privacy and Security at SXSW Interactive Conference
  • Featured in Tom’s Guide’s Best Ad Blockers and Privacy Extensions
  • 4.5 stars from 1001 reviews on TechDeals

Just so you know how much benefit you’re getting, Disconnect has metrics on its user-friendly interface. Not only does it tell you how many trackers are being foiled, but also how much browsing time you’ve saved. Their claim you can browse 44% faster may be on the optimistic side, but it’s certainly a nice touch.

Disconnect Premium is $5 month from their site. But during this price drop you can get a lifetime subscription for just $49. That’s a 90% discount.

If you have commitment issues, there are also great deals on the 1 and 3 year subscriptions. You can get one year of Disconnect VPN for only $19. A member of team AAPicks is signing up as we speak.

The clock’s ticking on this eye-catching offer, so hit the button below to sign up.

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