image_71In recent news, Korean firm Diotek has allegedly revealed some impressive handwriting recognition software for the HTC G1 and Android powered devices. It is not all new, however, since DioPen has been around for Windows Mobile for some time now. Nevertheless, we thought it best we investigate this new piece of software. The application is able to recognise both English and Korean handwriting, which is probably what we would expect from a Korean based company working on an OS primarily used by English speaking folk. There isn’t much more information floating around, and it doesn’t help that their site is in Flash, making online translation virtually impossible. Fortunately, I found a little button that said English on the site itself, and here is what their English description had to say about DioPen.

DIOTEK’s DioPen™ is natural handwriting recognition software that supports a variety of handwriting styles – cursive, print and mixed cursive/print with extreme accuracy. DioPen is platform-independent and operated with limited processing power and memory resource requirements, thus it can be ported to any mobile phones and other embedded devices with touchscreen run by various OSs. You can input text, number, and symbols easily by drawing on screen with your hand or a stylus.

Obviously, for this software to be useful on any Android device, the device itself needs to come with a stylus. These are something of a fashion statement in the Far East, but are less so in the West. Perhaps this could be a stumbling block for the software uptake in Europe and America? We will keep an eye on this one.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.