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Dim Your Screen by Tilting with Brightness Motion

June 25, 2011

Independent Android developers are always finding new and clever ways to enhance the mobile experience. Brightness Motion is one such app from Marinelli.Tv that allows the user to change the amount of screen brightness on his phone by simply tilting it either to the left or right. Right increases brightness and left lowers it.

What’s the advantage? For one thing, the user no longer has to dig through layers of menus to get to the specific settings or screen properties. The typical preference for screen brightness is low so as to better preserve battery power. But as the user moves from one place to another, like from indoors to outdoors, he’s going to have to turn it up to make the screen easier to view. With this app, the adjustment is easily made with a flick of the phone.

Unlike the Power Control widget which only offers three brightness levels, Brightness Motion provides finer tuning. The user can set the amount of brightness that one tilting motion can increase or decrease. One doesn’t even have to leave the current active app to execute the adjustment. If the user happens to be playing a game for example, he can momentarily tilt the phone to change the brightness without having to pause or leave the game.

This app works for phones that run on Android 2.1 or higher. It is free to download but there is also a paid version ($0.99) with extra handy features such as activating the app on boot up and access to the disable settings.