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Digitimes: Global tablet shipments to grow steadily in Q2, Nexus Tablet to help Asus get in top 3

May 2, 2012

While it hasn’t advanced quite as rapidly as the smartphone market, the tablet world is in the midst of indisputable progress and will continue to grow in Q2 2012. At least that’s what Digitimes is claiming in a fresh report based on the website’s numerous “hardware sources”.

According to said research, global tablet PC shipments could grow 47.5% year-on-year to 21.58 million units from April to June. On the other hand, compared to the first quarter of 2012, shipments should actually drop 8.2%, which is not that surprising, given that the third-generation iPad has started selling in March.

The new iPad will guarantee Apple’s comfortable leading position in the tablet market in Q2, according to Digitimes, but some interesting changes might happen a bit south in the rankings. Lenovo could drop out of the top-5, which shouldn’t be shocking to anyone, while Asus will “have a chance to become top-3, benefiting from its cooperation with Google for 7-inch products”.

Although Digitimes hesitates to name any names when analyzing Asus’ position in the future shipment ranks, it’s pretty obvious that they’re talking about the Google Nexus tablet. The 7-incher has been rumored for a while to be released either before summer, or sometime during summer, and this new report could be interpreted as another hint towards an early launch.

On the other hand, Digitimes has quite a record for sending us the wrong path when talking about product releases and release dates, so you should clearly take this “research” with a considerable grain of salt.

Another interesting point in the report is that the number two tablet manufacturer for Q2 is not mentioned by name, which is pretty weird. We’re suspecting Samsung to take that position just behind Apple, but the Koreans have said a while back that they’re not doing very well in the tablet market, so we might be in for some kind of a surprise.

Finally, Digitimes’ research talks about the processor battle as well, where Apple should still be comfortably leading in Q2. Apple’s chips will account for 70% of the total tablet PC shipments between April and June, while Nvidia and Texas Instruments will battle it out for the first runner-up position. Amazon’s future 8.9-incher should ensure Nvidia’s win, if it will hit the market in time, which is yet to be confirmed.

All in all, we can’t say that Digitimes is offering much insight with this new report, based on a lot of speculations and unconfirmed launches, but, then again, it will be interesting to see how many of these predictions will come true over the next few months. What do you think, shall we bet on them? Who’s willing to put some money on Asus escalating the shipment ranks before June? How about Nvidia’s win over TI?