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Diamonds in the Rough: 7 Random Apps for Android You Might Like (Ep #4 April 22-28)

Are you in a "hell why not?" kind of mood today? We've put together a list of 7 random apps for Android if you want to try something new and different.
April 27, 2013
Diamonds in the Rough - Random Apps

There are an endless number of apps on the Google Play Store. It’s nigh impossible to sift through all of them, let alone find the good ones. So, if you’re in a “hell, why not?” mood today, take a gander at this week’s roundup of random apps we thought were pretty nifty, and that you might enjoy too!

Jester Chess - random apps

Jester Chess

We would be lying if we didn’t admit that this made the list strictly because of its claim that it brings the sexy back to chess. Frankly, we had no idea there was any sexy in chess to begin with and that tagline did a great job of making us want to try this app out. What we found wasn’t sexy, exactly. However, what we did find was a pretty entertaining chess game that focuses less on chess as a whole and uses the pieces to form puzzles.

Here’s how it works. Each level, there are some random chess pieces on the board. Your goal is to take all the pieces until there is one left standing in as few moves and in as little time as possible. As with all Android puzzle games at this point, you get a 3-star rating based on how well you do. It’s simple, it’s fun, there are a 100 puzzles in the free version of this game, and you can get a whole lot more for a buck. We went searching for random apps, and we found a chess game that’s only sort of a chess game. To give it a shot, download it below.

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Star Defender 4 - random apps

Star Defender 4

Recently, we did an app list for the most underrated games for Android and in that list there was a space arcade game. As it turns out, it wasn’t the only space arcade game worth checking out. In our search for random apps, we came across Star Defender 4. Star Defender 4 takes a much more classic and retro approach to arcade space shooters and one that fans of the old arcade days will no doubt enjoy.

This is a top-down shooter that is actually pretty fun to play. You use your finger to run across a fire bar to shoot and move. There are power ups, fun weapons that destroy a lot of bad guys at once, and some pretty decent looking bad guys and backgrounds. Is it the next Angry Birds? Probably not, but it’s genuinely a blast to play and the graphics are actually pretty decent. It’s $1.99 in the Google Play Store, but you can try it free before you buy it. Check it out below.

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Ocean Puzzles & Colors - random apps

Ocean – Coloring Puzzles

Something that’s quite hard to find is a good kids game on Android. Most of them are either way too simple or way too short. During our search for random apps, we may have found one that’s actually pretty decent. Ocean is an ocean themed coloring book and puzzle game that’s will hold the attention of the kids for at least a little while. There is some nice music, the backgrounds are interactive, and kids can choose between putting puzzles together or coloring on their own.

Unfortunately, you have to unlock the full app in order to get all the puzzles, but you’ll know if it’s worth it long beforehand because your kids will either like it or not right out of the gate. Also, the developers, MagisterApp, have identical apps for farms, the Savanna, and Christmas. So if your child gets tired of ocean themes, there are actually 4 other apps to choose from. To check them out, follow the button below.

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NFLWeather & Scores

NFLWeather & Scores

Yes, the NFL season has been over for a few months. Really, though, if you’re a football fan, the NFL is a year round thing. There is, after all, the draft, the free agent signings, and all the summer events that lead up to the start of the next season. The next on our list of random apps, called NFLWeather & Scores, is a great app to have if you’re an NFL fan and want to be prepared for the next season. This very simple, yet deceptively useful, app tells you the dates of each game scheduled for a given week and the forecast for that game. So you’ll know if your favorite team is playing in the sun, the rain, or the snow. Should you want additional details about the games, they’re available as well.

Again, this is a really simple app, but a very handy one. If you look up the game details, you’ll get the kickoff time, which TV network it’s on, where the game is being played, the surface (grass or turf), and other tidbits of info. It’ll even tell you if it’s in a dome or an open stadium. You won’t get in depth coverage like you would from ESPN, but if all you want is the schedule, the forecast, and some fun facts about each game, this is what you want. It’s available from the button below!

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Foodster - random apps


Who doesn’t love a good meal now and again? During our quest to find the best random apps, we happened to find a nifty little app called Foodster. The app features a whole bunch of recipes. Not only that, but it’ll help you build grocery lists to make these various meals. There is even a function to build whole meals out of leftovers and odds and ends in your kitchen. Really, anyone who enjoys cooking or food in general should check it out.

Unfortunately, during my review, I found out that the app is shut down until June. Apparently, Pinterest bought out the service Foodster was using to share recipes and run the app so it’s gone down for re-tooling. So we can’t recommend it right now because it doesn’t do anything at this time. However, when it comes back (if you remember), do at least check it out. Foodies and people who like to cook could use more apps like this one so we hope it comes back sooner than later. You can use the button below to check out the app, but do remember that it’s down for a couple of months.

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Firestorm - random apps


Didn’t get enough arcade action with Star Defender 4? That’s fine, because the next app on our random apps list brings even more arcade goodness to Android. This one is a little more simple and slower than Star Defender 4 and the graphics aren’t as good. However, it is still quite a fun and challenging game to play.

In this game there are no levels. It’s kind of like Tetris. Bad guys fall from the top of the screen until they finally manage to kill you. As per the norm there are power ups that increase everything. So it may start out a little slow but it gets faster and more interesting the longer your streak goes. It’s a buck in the Google Play Store and you can find it using the button below.

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Debate It! - random apps

Debate It!

So, who likes to debate on the Internet? That was a joke, because practically everyone has their own opinions on everything. That’s okay for the next item on our random apps list. It’s an app called Debate It! and it allows you to input your opinion on important topics from the around the world and read what other people had to say.

What’s fun about it is the vote structure. You and five other participants input a short answer to a big question. Then people find these “games” and vote for whoever has the best answer. It’s a nifty way to express your opinion and see what other people have to say on the matter. Getting a vote gives you points and the person with the most votes wins the debate. If you like taking part in things like this, this is a fun app to try out. You can find it using the button below.

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Diamonds in the Rough Random Apps Wrap Up

That about does it for our apps this week. As always, feel free to leave a comment telling us what you thought of our selections this week. If you felt an app should be included that we didn’t include, feel free to comment with some random apps that you enjoy. Don’t forget, we do this every week so check back next week for some more random app goodness!