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Diamonds in the Rough: 6 Android Apps You Might Like (Ep #2 April 8-14)

Every week we go searching through the Play Store for some obscure Android apps that people may want to know more about. Here is what we found this week!
April 13, 2013
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There are an endless number of apps on the Google Play Store. It’s nigh impossible to sift through all of them, let alone find the good ones. So, if you’re in a “hell, why not?” mood today, take a gander at this week’s roundup of random android apps we thought were pretty nifty, and that you might enjoy too!

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50 Stones Brain Game

50 Stones Brain Game is a pretty unique little puzzle game for those who enjoy brain teasers. The concept is simple. Each player starts out with 50 stones. Every round you have to subtract more than your opponent. First one to do it 3 times wins the round. This goes on for 3 rounds. It doesn’t sound all that difficult and in reality it isn’t, but it can be an entertaining way to kill a few minutes. There are a few ways to play. You can look for someone playing online, you can play against someone on your phone, or you can play against the computer.

It won’t win any awards for being among the best Android apps ever, but it’s a pretty fun way to kill a few minutes and it’s something a little different. There is a free version you can try in the Google Play Store before you buy it, which can be found by clicking here.

random android apps

Drinking Game – Get Hammered

Even though most of the good drinking holidays are gone for the year, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for next year. Believe it or not, there are actually a few good Android apps that show you drinking games. One of the more obscure ones is called Drinking Games – Get Hammered. This customizable dice game allows you to use the stock dice game drinking rules or create your own. It’s simple to use, so you can get pretty drunk before using it is difficult.

It’s a free, ad supported app in the Google Play Store and you can find it here.

random android apps

Fashion Master Friends

Testing this was difficult for me as I have the fashion sense of a blind woodland animal. As far as Android apps go, this one is definitely for the ladies or at least for the fashionably inclined. You essentially play as an ambitious fashion superstar who must build their knowledge in fashion. There is a lot to like about the game if you’re into that kind of stuff, but really unless you love fashion you’ll probably not like this game. One thing we found particularly interesting is the challenges to learn new languages. You may actually learn a little Japanese playing it. Who knew?

If you want to check it out, it’s free in the Google Play Store here.


Piano Companion: Chords and Scales

While it may seem like Android apps that deal with instruments have kind of faded into the past. However, there are still a lot of decent music companion applications still being made and Piano Companion is one of them. It’s a pretty great app for the beginner and intermediate alike and has the usual wealth of info. You can find chords, scales, etc within the app. Perhaps its coolest feature is the ability to compose music, which can then be exported to MIDI. So it has all kinds of uses for anyone who wants to be more involved with a piano.

There is a free and a paid version in the Google Play Store. You can find the paid version here.

random android apps

Plagiarism Checker

If you’re a student at any level or a writer then this could be one of the most handy Android apps to have. This app’s function is really simple. It scans Google, Yahoo!, Babylon, and other sites to see if a phrase or work you’re doing has been done before. For instance, if you enter in “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”, it’ll tell you that the quote already exists and has literally no originality. This is a great way to quick check the web to make sure you’re not ripping anyone off. Whether it’s for scholastic or journalistic uses, this is definitely an app that deserves a closer look.

The best part is that it’s free in the Google Play Store. You can download it here.

Random Android Apps

Save to Phone

There are many cases where saving something to your phone is a preferable way to storing it. In most cases, though, Android apps will defer to a sharing app like Google+ or cloud storage like Dropbox when you hit the share button. Save to Phone is a service that allows you to save pretty much anything to the storage in your phone instead of sharing it somewhere else. There are many who probably won’t be able to find a use for it, but for those who like to save things to their phone instead of sharing to Dropbox to save things, then this could be really useful.

Save to Phone is free in the Google Play Store and you can find it here.

Random Android Apps wrap up

Thanks for tuning in for our Diamonds in the Rough this week and be sure to tune in next week for more Android apps goodness. If there is an app you think we should have covered this week or you just want to tell us about a random app you like, feel more than free to leave a comment and tell us about it.