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Diagnosis - System Information: Android app for monitoring your phone system

May 8, 2012

The more powerful the device, the more tasks it’s capable of. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s more vulnerable to slowing down. With too many apps packed into a limited space, any Android device, no matter how powerful, can suffer performance issues. After all, it’s hard to resist running a million things at once when you fee like your device can handle anything you throw at it. When you start feeling your device slowing down, you’ll need to cut back on how many apps you’re running but with no idea which one in particular is eating up all your speed.

Since Android is all about customizability and what the Android development community wants is what the Android development community gets, it’s now possible to stay on top of your Android device’s performance. Introducing Diagnosis – System Information, an app that allows you to get into the nitty-gritty of your device’s processes.

Basically an Android version of the Windows’ Task Manager, Diagnosis makes sure that you don’t need to suspend any of your apps to check on how your device is performing. You can check how much CPU resources a certain app is using, as well as if the battery is getting too hot. You can even check what apps are running in the background or if the lag you’re experiencing might have been caused by another app.

Diagnosis gives you the option to keep information displayed at all times, even while you’re using other apps. When Diagnosis is turned on, small customizable text is shown on the screen and provides you the information that you need. You can choose to display a variety of information, such as CPU use, memory, active apps, and CPU speed.

Maybe you want to see a list of applications using anything between 40% to 70% of your CPU. You can tailor the information display to show you the information that matters. Need help figuring things out? Head on over to the Settings > About menu to access Diagnosis’ extensive help file.

Diagnosis’ free version gives you the choice of 33 general information items. If you still want to know more about your Android device, purchasing Diagnosis Pro – Unlocker will give you 33 bits of information that are far more specific in nature.

For Diagnosis to function at its best, you’ll need to grant it a few permissions. “Storage” is required to write the database to the SD card rather than letting it clog up internal memory. “System Tools” is needed to show the information on top of the screen and to keep it displayed while loading data. To be able to send anonymous bug reports and display network latency, you’ll also need to give “Internet” permission. There are a few more permissions that Diagnosis needs and they’re explained in detail on the Google Play Store page.

Diagnosis is free and doesn’t contain any ads. Even if you may not foresee yourself utilizing this app everyday, it’s comforting to know that you can monitor your processes easily and at any time you need to. Download Diagnosis from the Google Play Store today.