diablo-3-game server checker

As of today, Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is already the fastest selling PC game of all time. That’s according to Blizzard, who also announced that they have sold 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of availability.

Nevertheless, there are some mixed reactions to the game coming from those who are playing it right now. Most of the negative reactions are directed to Blizzard itself – specifically, the emergency server maintenance and the patching that have occured since the game was launched.

Of course, for an online multiplayer game, server reliability is a big factor and players ought to know when the server is down or up. Now, knowing the status of your Diablo 3 server will be a breeze, thanks to a simple Android app called, appropriately, Diablo 3 Server Checker.

In fact, checking to see if a Diablo 3 server is available is the sole reason for which this app was developed. And since it’s not an officially-sanctioned app by Blizzard, the developer was cautious enough to state that the app relies on Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Server Status page. This means that the accuracy of the results displayed by the status checker depends on the accuracy of  the said status page. Just so you know who to blame…

Another thing to note here is that Diablo 3 is played by millions of gamers worldwide. Therefore, the app covers the status of any and all US, European, and Asian Diablo 3 servers, showing the server name, region and status. The app also lets you view “Service Status” messages posted by Blizzard on the service status forum. And, in case it interests you, all of these status messages are derived from the US Battle.net.  Sorry folks in Europe, Battle.net currently does not have the service status forum for you right now.

Truth be told, this app is definitely useful if you are playing Diablo 3 right now. So much so when you’re on the move – you can immediately see whether you’d be able to play the game as soon as you will arrive home.

With such a simple app, it comes naturally that it is available on Google Play for free. The app will also not burden your Android device too much, since it’s light, simple, and requires only 530kb of your device’s storage space. So, before you resume playing Diablo 3, you might want to grab the app on Google Play first.