• We’re launching an App Development Course taught by Gary Sims!
  • The first 100 students get 85% off with the promo code below!

Gather around tech fiends of all species! Today we’ve got a major announcement you’re going to want to tip an ear toward.

Android Authority and our sister site DGiT are proud to announce the launch of the DGiT Academy.

Over the past two years, we’ve been paying extra attention to the kinds of services our readers are most interested in. The answer to that question has been overwhelmingly focused: “We want to learn.”

Yes, when we post a story about a price drop on an online course or Gary breaks down how a particular piece of technology works, you guys are quick to give them your consideration.

Our readers love learning and self-improvement.

We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. In addition to being early adopters of the most promising tech, our readers are also interested in getting into the game themselves. Many have expressed that they want to learn to program, build their own apps, and create their own developer brand.

It may be something that comes part and parcel with the Android ‘attitude.’ The operating system has always drawn tinkerers and customizers, people who aren’t satisfied with the pre-packaged and enjoy making their devices their own.

That’s why we’re launching the DGiT Academy.

The DGiT Academy will be your go-to resource for everything you need to be a savvy homo sapiens thriving on the digital savannah.

We’re building tech-focused courses on programming, app development, website design, and entrepreneurship. We’re talking to pros who have escaped the 9-to-5 and are making their living online. We’re equipping you to navigate the future.

Our flagship course is brought to you by our own Gary Sims of our popular “Gary Explains” series. With this Introduction to Android App Development, you’ll go from having no idea where to start to building your very first professional app. This learning kit features 6 hours of high quality video and over 60 lessons, walkthroughs, and tutorials.

In terms of pricing, we’ve analyzed what other online courses are charging and want to bring you the best value for your dollar. Many entry level dev courses run for $200 or more. We wanted to at least cut that base price in half and make that our standard rate.

Therefore, the Introduction to Android App Development has a course value of $99. This gives you lifetime access to all course materials so you can learn at your own pace, as well as access to the exclusive Slack community for on-the-fly help, advice, and feedback from other students and Gary himself.

However, in celebration of the new launch, we want to give you the full learning kit – all materials and access – for just $14.99. This rate will only be available only to the first 100 students to check out with the following promo code:

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