If you’re an app developer looking to win a new BlackBerry PlayBook, you’re in luck! Before Valentine’s Day, you should submit an Android app to RIM’s App World so you can be a part of the contest—so that’s 5 days away!

According to Canadian gadget maker, Research in Motion (RIM), each Android developer who ports an app for their PlayBook will be rewarded with the free 16GB tablet. As a developer, all you need to do is to port your own app to the tablet’s OS.

The announcement was made through Twitter by RIM’s VP of developer relations, Alec Saunders, saying:

However, the app needs to adhere to the Vendor guidelines upheld by the App World. As such, RIM has created Terms & Conditions which “are principally designed to prevent abuse of the promotion.”

As soon as developers are done with the Android app, RIM has provided a set of tools which can convert the original app to be compatible with the OS of the BlackBerry. One of these tools includes a web-based tool which verifies, repackages, and signs each app.

Before RIM launched the PlayBook, they also ran a similar promotion more than a year ago. The previous promotion was for anyone who downloaded the software development kit (SDK) that they created and use it for building applications. The prize was also a free PlayBook.


RIM plans to release the PlayBook OS 2.0 this month. At the previous CES held in January, the new OS was already detailed to viewers. Along with the promotion, RIM has plans of offering a Runtime feature which will support Android apps.

Christine Torralba
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