DeployGate may be the best thing to come along in a while, especially for developers, who have enough struggles keeping Github and Sourceforge projects up and running. Android shines again, as DG is a real-time, OTA service that lets any amount of beta testers try out apps in development phase and DG, in turn, monitors performance.

Here’s a current list of features for DeployGate:

  • currently focuses on collaborative development for Android
  • works in real-time
  • doesn’t necessarily require an SDK
  • doesn’t require device IDs
  • specifically targets developers

For those of non-geek origins, what DeployGate allows developers to do is drag and drop unreleased Android apps on the DG dashboard. From there, data can be collected to push updates, make logfiles, or do reports. Interested? The price structure is set up to entertain large corporations, small businesses, or your average basement dwelling Android hacker.. I mean, developer.

Better yet, this idea was born of mixi, Japan’s largest social network, and it’s co-creator Kyosuke Inoue has some interesting backhistory: he created an NFC-based check-in service similar to the now-famous FourSquare. His companion, Yuki Fujisaki, helped lead the development team for an Android mixi client. For more info on how DeployGate, watch the video below and then get the nitty gritty details here.