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DeNA announces new FPS called The Drowning for mobile devices (with video)

December 9, 2012
The post apocalypse zombie game has been done. A whole bunch of times and on a variety of consoles. So for a game to come out with that premise and still be considered unique is a treat. Video game publishers DeNA have announced a new game coming to mobile devices soon called The Drowning, which fits into that unique category.

DeNA’s game is set in a post apocalyptic world haunted by the undead. Thankfully, this isn’t just another zombie mash and shoot game. Featured in the game is not only high end graphics and awesome cinematic scenes, but also a cohesive story line. If you’d rather watch than read, check out the video trailer below.

According to Droid Gamers, The Drowning was made by a Swedish studio owned by DeNA called Scattered Entertainment. Scattered Entertainment is run by a number of Electric Arts people. It seems a little bit like a friend of a friend of a friend deal, but that’s the video game industry for you.

What makes The Drowning different from other post apocalyptic shooters?

Well, for one thing, you’re not shooting zombies. The undead in The Drowning is a different variety of undead monster that explodes in black blood when you kill them. Also, many zombie shooters attempt a story line, but base their game play on the fun of mowing down zombies and multi-player modes. The Drowning differs by offering an in depth story mode that’ll keep gamers gripped.

Currently, there is no release date for The Drowning. However, since DeNA announced it, it can’t be too far off. Will anyone be giving this shooter a shot? Let us know what you think about it.