If you’re looking to download some more games to keep you occupied during the end-of-the-year holiday weeks, you might be interested to hear that Square Enix has just released a couple of new RPG games.

The newly released titles are the Demon’s Score THD, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy Dimensions.

The first one, Demon’s Score THD, isn’t your typical battle RPG title. Described as a rhythm-based action game, you have to tap or swipe to the beat of the rhythm to attack the enemies. The graphics are top-notch, given that it’s powered by the Unreal Engine. You can either play the Tegra-enhanced game in Story or Free mode.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy Dimensions

The next two games are the Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Dimensions. The former is the follow-up to the original FF game, which was released back in 1988 in Japan. You can now relive your childhood’s favorite game (for some) on Android platform.

As for the FF Dimensions, its release date was pushed back from August, but it’s now here for those who are intrigued by the game’s Active Battle System.

As is usually the case with Square Enix’s offerings, they come with a higher price tag than most. Both Demon’s Score THD and Final Fantasy Dimensions are priced at approximately $19, while the Final Fantasy II can be had for $9. Make sure to check out the promotion that Square has for some of its games as well.

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