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Demolition, Inc Android game comes available for non-Tegra devices

June 4, 2012

Previously released as a game only for Tegra devices, the entertaining destroy-the-world game dubbed Demolition, Inc is now also available for non-Tegra Android phones and tablets. Simply put, this game is almost the same as the one made for Tegra devices and is said to be almost as good in terms of performance, gameplay, except perhaps for the graphics which might be a bit inferior to the graphics in the Tegra version.

For those who have not played this game before, this is an entirely physics-based game with all the goodies that you’ll expect in a sci-fi action game – meaning you’ll get to use cool weponas and tools. You’re primary objective – demolish human cities. By the way, you take the role of a UFO so if that sounds exciting, you’ll most likely enjoy this game.

Adding a unique factor into the game is the fact that everything is not predetermined. This means that during one run, what you’ll do in a particular point in the game might be different the next time you take the game for a spin. Hence, blowing up a building in one game, that building might fall to the right, but then fall to the left the second time you passed through that point in the game.

Other features of Demolition, Inc include fully simulated car and buildings, endless use of combining tools and weapons, various tools and weapons, exciting leves with 6 cities and 30 districts, skills improvement, rampage mode, and online high scores.

Finally, you can grab Demolition Inc on Google Play  for $1.99. If you own a non-Tegra phone or tablet, give the game try and tell us your first impression.