dellphone-android-chinaEngadget have published an image from, a Chinese language site, which could potentially show Dell’s first Android offering to the world. In fact, it would be one of their first-ever mobile phone offerings, full stop. The image is blurry and does not reveal too much in the way of hardware, but what we can see is a large (capacitive?) touch-screen display and plenty of rounded corners.

Aside from the Dell logo, there is little in the way that links this device with the computer giant. Mr. Dell himself has been very careful not to reveal anything too specific in the way of plans for mobile devices. Either way, the rumors suggest that Dell will have a Smartphone out by the years end, and what we’re looking at here could well be a prototype of said product. We’ll keep a look out.


James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.