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Dell’s Project Ophelia will start shipping in July for $100

Dell's Android-based Project Ophelia thumb PC will start shipping in July to developers and will cost $100. Read on to find out more details about the product!
May 19, 2013

Introduced this year at CES, Dell’s ambitious project of delivering Android 4.0 (or above) experience to any device that has a compatible HDMI port and a display has finally received a price and a release window. Officially known as Wyse Project Ophelia, the small dongle will be sold for no more than $100 and should be first launched this summer, in July.

As the source states, Dell will demonstrate Ophelia on regular computer screens and 55-inch displays next week in Los Angeles, during the international Citrix Synergy conference. Afterwards, the first units will begin shipping in July to interested developers that wish to write Android applications for the device.

Only in August will the project be available to a wider audience through various cable companies or telecom providers that may want to include Ophelia in their offers. After that, Dell will also sell it on their official website.

Furthermore, Dell is also working on “a keyboard-like technology for users to type when Ophelia is docked to a screen.”

What will Ophelia mean for the market?

The Android-based dongle can solely boot Google’s platform and render content on any device that has a HDMI port, including projectors, TVs and computer displays. Once paired, Dell’s toy can offer direct access to Wyse PocketCloud, a smart cloud solution that can allow users to access their desktop from mobile devices. The dongle also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Meant to be a cheap alternative to tablets and computers, Ophelia has the potential of transforming any screen into a full-state PC, used for gaming or content consumption. Future owners will have the possibility of downloading applications, movies or TV shows directly from Google’s Play store and stream content from Hulu and Netflix.

Dell also states that a specific set of security features will be integrated in the package for better management. Especially aimed at IT administrators, the cloud client manager system will offer specialists the ability of tracking-down the location of the dongle, erase data in case of theft or even to monitor activity.