Dell Android roadmap via Android Central

Dell Android roadmap via AndroidCentral

This Dell ‘roadmap’ reveals forthcoming Android based devices from computer manufacturer Dell, including a rough timeline on when we can expect to see them materialise.

This particular visualisation of Dell’s timeline comes via AndroidCentral, and reveals two new tablet/netbook class devices called “Sparta” and “Athens”. Both devices are alleged to be around the 11” mark, but the Sparta is a tablet while the Athens is considered a 0.9-kilogram “True notebook”. Both devices come with optional 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, powered by an an ARM based processor. Now, maybe I am missing something here but according to the original source, AndroidCentral believe that the Sparta might make it out around August while the Athens is set for an Autumn release. From my reading of their roadmap, these devices might make it out during these months, but not during this year. Try 2011? I feel like I’m wrong already just writing this statement, but the picture tells the story.

On top of these two devices we can see the Dell LG Pro, which according to the visual schematic, appears to be brothers with the Looking Glass (I guess LG means Looking Glass) but includes a high-definition screen and a digital TV tuner. Other good news includes the fact that the Streak is landing with T-Mobile and Vodafone and if you believe AndroidCentrals interpretation of this roadmap, might be around as early as next month.

[Via AndroidCentral]

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