Michael Dell

In an interview with CNBC, Dell CEO and Chairman Michael Dell flatly denied the company would be getting into the smartphone racket. The struggling PC maker, who is in the process of privatizing the company, vows to be involved with tablets, but smartphones are best left to incumbents, in their eyes.

The Dell CEO went on to discuss their involvement with mobility, saying that Dell would rather provide back end support for those who offer mobile devices, such as secure access to cloud storage. Dell feels that securing data is their key business, and notes Dell will seek more enterprise customers moving forward.

Moving forward, Dell will have five key areas to focus on: Enterprise, expanding their “sales capacity” through partnerships, emerging markets, customer satisfaction, and PCs and tablets. Dell referred to tablets as “cloud client computing”, a spin on the familiar “virtual PC” tag sometimes given to high-end tablets and phones.

Dell has tried — and failed — at establishing a footprint in the smartphone sector. Fresh of a successful bid to buy his company back from investors, Michael Dell seems to be very secure in where his company is going, and it won’t be into your pocket. Worth note is that Dell also has eschewed Android in favor of Windows for their tablet line, including the refreshed Venue brand. The soon-to-be-private company has no Android device, and there is no indication they’ll have one in the near future.