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Best daily deals

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Score some deals on awesome Android games: GTA San Andreas, Dragon Quest IV, Horn and more

Trying to find some good games to enjoy this weekend? Let's help you find some of the hottest deals on games at the Google Play Store!
September 19, 2015

Trying to find some good games to enjoy this weekend? The Google Play Store is always full of great deals, but it’s often hard to find these in a sea of over 1.6 million apps. We know sometimes you need some help finding these exciting offers. Today we have a list of great deals on fun games for you. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This one happens to be an all-time favorite game in which crime, drugs, corruption and murder are your daily cup of tea. The game has an immersive map and an engrossing story. You really can’t go wrong with this one, which happens to be on sale at $4.99 right now. That doesn’t sound very cheap, but keep in mind Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas usually costs $6.99, and it’s a game that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment.

Dragon Quest IV

RPG fans will go nuts over this deal, especially those who are fond of Square Enix titles. With Dragon Quest IV you will embark on an epic adventure revolving around 5 main characters. As it goes with any good classic RPG, gamers will see their characters grow stronger as the story unfolds. And about that story line, it will be as intriguing, exciting and full of emotion as always.

The game is still expensive at $9.99, but keep in mind this is a Square Enix title, and the company is known for its premium prices. These games are so worth it, though! And the original price is $14.99, making this a 33% discount. Not too shabby.

The Deer God

Some games go beyond entertainment. These can become beautifully orchestrated works of arts, with amazing visuals and extraneous story lines. The Deer God happens to be one of these. It focuses around survival and has you traveling through a beautiful 3D pixelated world.


Need more action? Horn is a 3rd person adventure game that will definitely keep you on your toes. Imagine this: you are a blacksmith’s apprentice and wake up to a world suddenly taken over by monsters. Crazy? It doesn’t end there! It turns out these creatures are actually people and animals from your village. It’s your duty to free them… or you can just go explore the intricate map.