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Deal: ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10,000 and 20,000 battery packs 40%-50% off

Looking for the right portable power pack to keep your devices charged at all times? How about one that charges with the power of the sun? Get it at a discount from the AA Deals Store!
September 17, 2015

You don’t want to be left stranded away from an outlet with no more battery power to keep your device alive! The industry is taking its sweet time improving battery technology, making power packs the best option around. There’s plenty of portable batteries out there, but very few will offer the right amount of juice for a reasonable price. And very few of them are powered by the sun, but let’s talk about that later on.

The larger power packs can get pricey, but you can always count on the AA Deals Store to get you some of the best deals online. Today we have some discounted prices on a couple ZeroLemon SolarJuice batteries. You can get yourself a 10,000 mAh version for only $29.99, or those who really need that extra boost can opt for the 20,000 mAh version at $49.99. That would account for a 40%-50% discount over common retail, and is even cheaper than what you’ll find them for at Amazon (at $60 and $80 respectively).

To put that into perspective, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 3000 mAh battery, and that is considered a pretty large battery. This means the smaller of the two portable chargers is over 3 times larger than the cell inside the Note 5. That’s a whole lot of juice. And we can’t forget that 20,000 mAh one, which will last you for days! In addition, these can both charge a couple devices simultaneously, so you can even help your friend out or charge your extra devices.


But the best part about these? The portable chargers are not your usual ones. This thing has a built-in solar panel it can use to power up the battery within! While charging with the sun is slow going, it is still a nice option to have as a backup and one can easily take it on camping trips or road adventures, and not worry about running out of power indefinitely! Of course you can also plug these into an actual socket for faster recharging.