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Deal: Verizon Prepaid offers 15GB of data for just $45 a month

In some ways, this is better than Verizon's Visible prepaid service.
January 24, 2019

At $40 per month for unlimited and unthrottled data, Verizon’s Visible prepaid service certainly warrants your attention. That said, one of Verizon Prepaid’s plans offers 15GB of data for $45 a month and might be the better deal for some.

This promotion tacks on an extra 7GB of data to the 8GB prepaid plan. The 7GB of data won’t go away, but the bonus data is only available for a limited time. Also, signing up for Auto Pay is what brings the monthly price down to $45 from $50. You can’t get the Auto Pay pricing until the second month, so you’ll have to pay $50 for the first month.

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Visible’s monthly pricing is impressive, but network speeds are always capped at 5Mbps. Visible also caps video streams at 480p resolution. They might not have truly unlimited high-speed data, but Verizon Prepaid plans don’t have capped network speeds or video streaming resolutions.

The 15GB Verizon Prepaid plan also includes two bonuses that you won’t find on Visible’s plan: unlimited international texting to over 200 destinations and unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

More significantly, the 15GB Verizon Prepaid plan supports any smartphone that can connect to Verizon’s CDMA network. That’s a big advantage over Visible, which only supports iPhones and the pair of Galaxy S9 phones at the time of this writing.

You can click the link below to check out Verizon’s prepaid offerings. Make sure to select Prepaid Price in the box next to the Filter by option near the top of the page.