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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is definitely one of the best smartphones around, but it’s by no means cheap. In fact, it happens to be one of the most expensive phones in the market, making it seem like that super thin profile is a knife cutting right through your pocket. Thankfully, here at Android Authority we are always on the lookout for great deals to share with you. Today might be your lucky day, because eBay’s latest offer is hot!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is currently being sold for only $499.99 on eBay. This is a pretty awesome deal considering the device is new to the market and usually goes for $600 at the lowest. Essentially, you get a $100 discount, but that is not the only treat buyers would get.

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This phone is unlocked and new. Not refurbished or used… completely new. To make matters even better, the eBay seller is allowing you to choose between a bevy of available colors, including black, white, gold and blue. Oh, and shipping is completely free in the USA.

I would seriously jump all over this deal if I was looking to get an off-contract, unlocked, high-end smartphone. My only gripe with the Samsung Galaxy S6 is its ridiculous battery life, but if you can get past that issue it’s one hell of a phone. It has top-notch specs, an insanely good camera and the build quality we have been begging Samsung for.

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You can go ahead and read our Samsung Galaxy S6 review to see what this phone is all about. You can’t really beat this price! Have a blast purchasing it and hit the comments to let us know if you are signing up for this deal. Is it what you were looking for?

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