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Deal: keep all your passwords handy and secure for only $24.99 (lifetime subscription)

Let's face it - passwords are among the most annoying things in the internet. Click through to find out how to kill all these struggles!
December 23, 2015

Let’s face it – passwords are among the most annoying things in the internet. Every single site has its own standards, aside from the fact that it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to use the exact same password for all pages. How do we even keep track of all these security measures? I, for one, don’t. I just try to guess and end up resetting my pass codes all the time. Needless to say that’s not the best option.

One way to ease this struggle is to find a program with which you can save and access all your passwords, both conveniently and securely. But where do you find a good option that is also affordable? Lucky for you, the AA Deals Store is currently holding an offer for a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium.

Instead of paying the $100 original value, you can walk out with a secure password management service for only $24.99 (a 75% discount). This will grant you access to their Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS apps. And if you choose to go cloud-based, these will all work together to keep your passwords handy from any device.

Security measures include biometric support and AES-256 encryption, which is the same standard used by governments and military organizations. But it is not only secure, Sticky Password is also very convenient. One can easily use it to fill out forms and automatically log into sites.

Interested? Just head over to the AA Deals Store and sign up for Sticky Password Premium. It is the deal of a lifetime (quite literally).