Those of you that haven’t purchased yet the Galaxy S3 from any of the seven U.S. carriers that have either launched or are getting ready to release it, should check out Amazon Wireless first, as the retailer has a great Galaxy S3 offer for you.

Amazon currently offers the best price on the Galaxy S3, but we’re still talking about subsidized devices, which require a new two-year contract. Furthermore, Amazon is only offering discounted Sprint Galaxy S3 units, so buyers can’t really choose their carrier.

The Sprint Galaxy S3 handset is available for $119.99 with new two-year contracts for customers that choose a new Individual or Family account or that add a line to a Family account. In case you want to upgrade an Individual or Family account, or add a line to an Individual account, you’ll end up paying $149.99 to Amazon – again, after inking a new two-year deal with Sprint.

The Sprint Galaxy S3 is currently in stock and ships in 24 hours. But you’ll only be able to get the 16GB version, with Pebble Blue being the only color option.

Meanwhile, Sprint’s subsidized prices for the handset are $199.99 or $249.99, for the 16GB and 32GB version, respectively. The carrier has both blue and white versions in stock also.

Those of you interested in paying full price for the 16GB Galaxy S3 model from Sprint, should go to Sprint stores instead of Amazon Wireless, as Sprint is offering the handset for $549.99, which is $40 cheaper than Amazon’s offer.

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