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Deal: writing/project management suite Scrivener 50% off

Scrivener, the popular suite favored by professional writers, novelists, and project managers, is currently on a flash sale for half off!
January 27, 2017

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Set aside your quill pens and ink wells. Do away with your charts, graphs, cork-boards, typewriters, and hell – even Microsoft Word. There’s a new way to keep your projects managed and your typing on task.

Well, not all that new actually. On a cosmological scale, yes, Scrivener is brand-spanking new, but the drafting suite has been around long enough to become the go-to staple for professional writers and project managers alike.

Compared to such dated technology as clunky word processors, creating in Scrivener is night and day. The difference is like that between that archetypical image of the tortured writer pecking away on a typewriter one word at a time and that of a suave club DJ working his table with finesse.

Scrivener is a platform that gives you the incredible ability to multitask, break larger projects into manageable chunks, and keep all of your deadlines and priority milestones easily organized.

Developers and coders are also big fans of Scrivener because it gives them the ideal space to keep their workflow efficient and on-task.

Scrivener normally costs $40, but for the next three days, Tech Deals is running an offer that lets you grab the entire drafting suite for just $20.

This isn’t exactly squarely in our wheelhouse at Android Authority, but Scrivener is one of our favorite writing programs, so when we caught wind of this sale, we thought maybe our readers would be interested as well.

Scrivener in a glance:

  • View & edit different sections of your writing in isolation or as a whole
  • Take a “snapshot” of a document, then edit & rewrite knowing you can restore an earlier revision at any time
  • Easily storyboard & rearrange your project
  • Utilize the fully-featured outliner to take control of the structure of your work
  • Switch to scriptwriting mode for automatic or custom formatting—then export to a dedicated scriptwriting program such as Final Draft
  • Use the name generator to create pseudonyms for interviewees or names for fictional characters
  • Automatically back up your projects as zip files each time you open or close them

Ready to stop hacking a way one word at a time and finally make your projects dance? Click the button below to learn more about Scrivener!

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