The Name Your Own Price Learn To Code Bundle

Many of the biggest tech moguls have firmly expressed the importance of learning how to code. It’s a skill that will not only teach you to create digital content, but will make you think differently. Thankfully, we no longer live in an age where learning to code is a trade you necessarily need to go to school for. The internet is a beautiful thing, and you can now teach yourself how to develop applications without stepping into a school.

There’s plenty of tools out there, but today we have found a deal that should, at the very least, help you get started on your journey to becoming a developer. The AA Deals Store is offering the Web Hacker Bundle at… whatever price you want to pay for it. No need to pinch yourself! This is real.

apache-cassandraThe Web Hacker Bundle offers 7 apps:

  • Learn Docker from Scratch
  • Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch
  • Learn Web Programming in Django & Python
  • Learn Bootstrap Development by Building 10 Projects
  • Projects in JavaScript & JQuery
  • Projects in PHP & MySQL
  • Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects

These web classes range from $99 to $199, adding up to a value of $1043. And you can pay whatever you want for them? You can’t seriously tell me that’s not a steal. Now, there is one catch. You have to beat the average price in order to get all 7 courses. Those who pay less than what the average customer has been forking out will be left only with the two first programs.

Thankfully, the average is still amazingly low at only $4.81, though you may want to act soon, before that number goes up.